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Dr.Laura De Simone

Doctor of Philosophy

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher

Teacher Educator

Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner

EFT (Tapping) Practitioner

What Laura offers...

Laura is a teacher, student, artist, intuitive, and mentor. She offers one-on-one healing sessions, intuitive guidance, private sound healing meditations, online courses, teacher education programs and workshops. Laura has been certifying Reiki practitioners for over 6 years and has certified nearly 100 students, most of whom found her through word of mouth. Laura has also taught adolescents for 17 years and is passionate about teaching kids to love themselves and rise above childhood trauma.


She completed her doctoral degree where she researched the wellbeing of teachers and the role of mindfulness-based practices as viable solutions to teacher burnout.


My Story


For decades, I was a prisoner of my mind.

Don't get me wrong, I believe I have a beautiful mind. I love the way I think, the way I create, and the way I perceive and understand the world. I have the ability to synthesize large amounts of information and package them into small, understandable chunks. I love the way my mind learns, its curious nature, constantly asking questions, seeking to understand more deeply and completely. I love it's inventive and creative nature, it's eye for beauty, design, and attention to details. Thanks to my mind, I was able to achieve a level academic and professional success admired and celebrated by many. I've won awards. I've publish written works. I've created courses. I, like many others, have a powerful and beautiful mind.

But my mind has not always been my friend.

In fact, for the greater part of my life, my mind created illusions of fear that seemed very real to me.  It kept me in a constant state of worry and anxiety, to the point that I had made myself physically ill.


I was that I was afraid of everything. Afraid of making mistakes. Afraid of not achieving enough. Afraid of being alone. Afraid of not fulfilling my dreams. Afraid of death, of illness, of pain, of letting people down. Afraid of change, afraid of commitment, afraid of failure. Afraid of love, of intimacy, of feeling too much, and afraid of letting people in. Afraid of getting hurt. I was afraid to cry, to show my emotion, to speak my truth so as not to start a confrontation or hurt someone's feelings. Afraid to say "yes" and afraid to say "no". Afraid of risks, of regret, of not measuring up, of not being perfect, and not being the best at everything I did. Afraid of being seen, of being judged, of criticism, and afraid of being wrong.


Basically, I was a very intelligent person who was incredibly afraid of life.


My mind told me all the ways I couldn't do this or that. It told me I wasn't good enough. It told me I was ugly and strange. It told me that I was a bad person. It told me so many lies about myself that I believed for a very long time.

I was a prisoner of my mind. But I found a way out.

I found out that the way out of the mind was to go deep into my heart. It was hard work! But freedom lives in the heart. Because the truth of who we are, the truth of our being and our existence is felt in our hearts. And who we are is LIMITLESS, POWERFUL, and FREE.

And so here I am, offering to others the healing and guidance that I learned along the path towards fulfillment and self-actualization. I offer it to each of you with my highest respect and appreciation. We are all meant to walk each other home.

And I am honoured to be a part of your journey!

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