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Embark on a journey towards complete surrender! This 10-week course will teach you to let go! Learn to let go of the past, the need to control, blockages, limiting beliefs, and behaviour patterns that get in your way.

Learn to surrender to the present moment and embrace the life that was always meant to be yours.

Begins: May 5th, 2021
Time: Wednesdays at 8pm (for 10 weeks)

Module 1: What is Surrender?
Module 2: Why Surrender?
Module 3: Examining Beliefs PART I
Module 4: Examining Beliefs PART II

Module 5: What Needs Surrendering?
Module 6: Embracing What-is
Module 7: Surrendering the Past
Module 8: Surrendering the Future
Module 9: Co-creating with the Universe Part 1

Module 10: Co-creating with the Universe Part 2

What you'll get:

  • Weekly live-streamed lessons
    There will be a 90-minute lesson each week with an opportunity for discussion and questions. Lessons will be accompanied by weekly reflective tasks and experiments to get you engaging with the universe. Lessons will be recorded and yours to keep!


  • Guided Meditations
    Students will be given a guided meditation each week. The meditations will be based on the theme of each week.


  • Two Coaching Calls/Healing Sessions
    Each student will receive two coaching calls or healing sessions (your choice) for additional support and healing through the surrender process. Some of the work we will be doing will require healing of old pain, beliefs, and behaviour patterns. These sessions will help you break through!


  • Private Chat
    At the onset of the course, we will set up a private group chat (we'll choose the platform together) where we can continue to touch base and support each other throughout the journey.


  • Ongoing support
    Once completed the course, you are welcome to join our weekly zoom meeting called, Still Surrendering, for all previous students of the Surrendering to the Heart course






"I always wanted to live this way, but I just didn't know how. This course changed my life."  - G. M

"Everyone needs this course. To surrender is to open your arms to receive.....:to position yourself for everything you deserve....and to recognize that sometimes we are the barrier that kept us from this place from the beginning." - January Participant

"I thoroughly enjoyed Laura’s course and fully appreciate why there’s little value in getting only parts of it: She has a unique take on being whole and a real talent for delivering tools to better understand aged ideas about enlightenment. Parts of it I enjoyed tremendously. It makes sense. The added value of video, meditation, and experiments, to name a few, enable me to revisit ideals along my way, moving happily forward. Laura’s familiar approach nurtures a sense of binding community - a genuine personal touch! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" - January Participant

Surrendering to Rise is like finding a key to a gateway of infinite possibilities for your life. It is the master class that truly integrates all you have learned to live your most authentic life." - Mishelle L.

"This course allowed me to really believe in myself. It allowed me to heal my past trauma and learn to forgive myself and others. It allowed me to live in the present moment and accept the divine’s purpose. It allowed me to release control and have faith in what is to come. It brought me love, peace, and acceptance. Forever grateful!" - Aneta Z.

"After participating in this 'Surrender' course, I can say that my life has taken a positive turn and above all I feel lighter and more worthy of love, a love that has emerged from within me.  I can't thank Laura enough for helping me let go of everything I no longer needed. I highly recommend this course. It is wonderful to know that many limiting beliefs are not yours! And Laura is an excellent teacher who will help you understand this!" - Debbi G.

"The surrender course has been the biggest blessing in my life. It has brought peace and serenity in areas that I didn’t know caused me so much pain and suffering. This course has left an everlasting impact on my life and of the people that I am close with. I felt that the course provided support, understanding and a harmonious environment to learn and to ask questions. Laura provides a kind and loving atmosphere that allows people to feel safe and comfortable in sharing their experiences openly and authentically. She is attuned to the process of surrender, and as she takes you through the modules, you feel connected to the material as it speaks to each person. The concepts are explained clearly and concisely and are relatable to everyday life and situations. This is a course that everyone should take." - Christine S.

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