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Mentoring Program for TEENS

There's nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.


Adolescence can be a precarious time. I know it was for me. For years, I struggled with intense anxiety, self-doubt, fear, and worry, and lived in a scary place in my mind. I did very well in school, but the problem was, I was too smart for my own good, and lived in my head with all sort of fearful thoughts. I remember feeling scared of life and not really knowing what to do.

I eventually became a teacher and have always loved working with young adults aged 14 and up, because I know how much guidance I craved and needed during those years of my life. In fact, I've dedicated years inspiring my students to become the best versions of themselves by developing programs specifically designed to help them spark and shine their brightest light.


I've learned that every child needs and wants guidance and inspiration. Every child seeks a caring adult (other than their parents) that they can connect to, count on, and turn to in their times of need. I am happy to be that person, and have been (and continue to be), for countless students over the last 17 years!

How it works

The program runs on a month-to-month basis. Every child is different and has different needs that require different amounts of support. At the onset of the first month, I meet with both parents/guardians and the child to develop a program tailored to the child's specific needs. A follow-up meeting by the end of the third week determines if support will continue for the following month. As healing occurs, underlying and often hidden issues begin to surface, and so, the action plan is continually revisited.

Through participation in the program, these young adults will:

- rediscover and redefine who they are, what they want out of life, and what they stand for

- build their self-esteem, confidence, and feelings of self-worth

- embrace the natural goodness in their being

- learn how to navigate life through a lens of love rather than fear

- learn to take FULL responsibility for their own lives, inspiring resiliency, courage, and independence

- learn the value of integrity and accountability

- work through limiting beliefs, traumas, and self-sabotaging behaviours

- learn to positively deal with emotions and challenges as they arise

- learn to live and create powerfully in the present moment

Included in the program:

- an individual action plan based on the unique needs of the client (revisited every month)

- weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions (or healing sessions if required)

- ongoing access to support and guidance through text/email/phone (as needed)

- full access to an online portal filled with resources

- two consultation and planning sessions with parents of clients under the age of 18 years

Practical skills that could be covered:

  • time management

  • stress management

  • responding to fear, worry, anxiety

  • building resilience, confidence, and self-esteem

  • emotional intelligence

  • mindfulness training

  • fitness, nutrition, and body awareness

  • independence training

  • integrity and responsibility

  • goal-setting and accountability

  • character education

  • public speaking

  • organization

  • test preparation

  • note taking

  • resume/portfolio creation

  • job interview preparation

  • conflict resolution

  • navigating relationships (friends, parents, teachers, co-workers, romantic)

  • self-awareness and discovery

  • financial literacy


The Art of Life - Teen Mentoring

Investment: $250/month

Single Session: $75



I cannot thank Laura enough for the amazing job she has been doing for my daughter with her mentoring program for teenagers, especially during these difficult times, when teenagers are dealing with so much stress, and anxiety related to quarantine, online schools, isolation, etc. Her program allows teens to find themselves and be able to overcome all these!


We met Laura a few years ago when we were newcomers in Canada, and Laura was so sweet, helping my daughter so much with her struggles, giving her small tips every day, making this big transition to a new life in a different country so much easier and smooth. We never lost contact with her; she was always there for us.


Her mentoring Program for Teenagers is just perfect!  Laura was very informative and supportive all the time. Her program covers not only mindfulness but also areas of life that teenagers may find scary, such as first jobs, resumes, college life, friendship, relationships, etc. Her valuable and insightful approaches allow teenagers to be able to believe in themselves, to be more confident,  build great self-esteem and have better time management. What I love the most is that the program was adapted to my daughter’s needs and personality.


She helps my daughter so much to deal with anxiety and stress, teaching her how to identify issues that might be bothering her or that might be causing her stress, and then teaches her techniques on how to cope with those negative thoughts or behaviours effectively such as meditation, mindful breathing, and journaling.


Laura is a special human, very compassionate, with lots of empathy. Thank you, Laura, for everything! I recommend this program to anyone that wishes their teens to be more positive, independent and mindful about life and healthy relationships.

- Fatima Rosario

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